Telling the truth at all times is not essential. On some occasions it is necessary to tell lies, and it is wrong to tell the truth. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

day and age, where trust has become the most valuable commodity in the social interaction of a human being, there are polarizing views on whether giving a piece of factual information is not suitable on all occasions.
, sometimes, telling lies is unavoidable. I personally agree with the aforementioned statement, and in
essay, I will elaborate more on my point of view.
To begin
many communities teach their youngster that telling the truth is always the right thing to do, there are some exceptional situations where people need to undermine
way of thinking. By
I mean, there are certain scenarios where white lies are acceptable,
as when there is a dangerous situation involved.
For example
, when one of our friends is hiding in the location that we are aware of due to running away from her violent husband, it is the right thing to answer with lies if the husband asking about his wife whereabout. That being so, in an appropriate condition, lies can save a person's life and
that is
considered a noble act.
, a piece of lies can save us from an unnecessary condition where we can be involved in. It is not compulsory to give the truth if we know that
particular action will bring us more disadvantages in the future.
For instance
, if we do not want to be involved in a marriage problem of a friend, it is not obligatory for us to tell the fact that their spouse is having an affair, even if we know about it. Consequentially, small lies can save us from an unwanted condition which brings a downside to us. In conclusion, even though we were told to be truthful all the time as a noble act, sometimes telling lies is
beneficial, especially when it's involved to our safety and convenience. As
, I concur that on some occasions it is compulsory not only to avoid telling truth but
to give a wrong answer.
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