Nowadays, a lot of offices employ open-space designs instead of separate rooms for work. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

There has been a popular trend among firms and companies to use an open office for working. It seems that  divided rooms per person are no longer common.
essay will examine the merits and demerits of
change.   On the one hand, single rooms for each employee can be beneficial. As accessing a private
to work, provides personal privacy so, it is more likely to focus on the job more effective.
, the number of distractions are lessened in a considerable way. Note that there are some drawbacks as well as, requiring a lot of
for a proper office as mentioned above. Within the costs and the limitations for small establishments,
will be hard to achieve due to fewer requests for it nowadays.  
on the other hand
, open
designs are new yet, well-thought to meet the most recent expectations. It is noteworthy to mention, working in an open
filled with other people, might seem challenging at
That is
said the easy communication and interaction among employees can resolve it easily.
, a higher level of job performance can be the result of it. Surveys conducted in recent years
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have shown that people claim they get less bored and function better as they can chat with each other during work.   In conclusion, with the shift in the contemporary life and working styles, new alternatives
as open-designed offices are replacing old-fashioned ones due to their major benefits.
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