A museum near your house is looking for people to do part-time voluntary! Unpaid work. You would like to do some voluntary/unpaid work at the museum. Write a letter to the museum director to apply for the voluntary/unpaid work in your letter: • Explain why you want to do voluntary/unpaid work at the museum • Describe some skills and qualities you have that would be useful • Give details of when you would be available for work

Dear Sir Recently I have found your vacancy in the local newspaper, so I would like to present myself as a candidate for
. I have already applied for voluntary
there. I am interested to
in the museum because it is a great opportunity to enrich my knowledge about ancient civilization. I have been gathering some information for my gratitude
for the university. I can highlight, that I am a hardworking man. I have appropriate experience as a teller in front of an audience at university.
In addition
, I guess that my received knowledge at university would be useful and interesting for visitors to your museum. Presently, I have been finishing some business in the other town. I will be back on the 21st of July. I will be ready to take my duties. it would be great to get any decision from you,
I have left my contact details below under
text. Regards Paul Newman
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