The costs of international travel are decreasing and tourism is growing. Do you believe that the advantages of increasing tourism outweigh its disadvantages?

These days, the vast majority of the population affords to travel abroad because of expenses of international travel have been dwindling. I tend to think that
a tendency has both positive and negative sides.
, I believe that if the development of tourism is employed for the right purposes, its benefits outweigh its drawbacks. On the one hand, we can observe some advantages of increasing tourism. One of the main reasons why society embarks to commit a total of touristy trips consists of possibilities.
For instance
, a large number of people can visit different parts of the world by means of flights.
, local governments provide various services for travellers
as hotels, entertainment, exhibitions.
, the tourist can feel comfortable in unfamiliar areas.
On the other hand
, some experts argue that ramifications from tourists can reflect negatively on the environment.
, foreign humans often encounter troubles with customs and local habitants.
For example
, it can be noticed that tourists can have issues with the population by the reason of travellers can not understand local rules and face different restrictions.
, it would be unfair not to mention the fact that state departments try to control the actions of tourists in order to avert various consequences for nature and the population overall. To summarise, I would stress that having made these points, it is true that contemporary tourism area receives some criticism and perhaps
is a delightful trend. What governments should do is compose of control the touristy stream to their country.
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