Prevention is better than cure. Researching and treating disease is too costly, so it would be better to invest in preventive measures. To what extent do you agree?

It is often argued that disease avoidance is far more cost-effective than healing as a lot of resources have been invested in research and health care. Generally speaking, both of them are equally important,
, personally, I do not agree that prevention is better to be invested more.
of all, there are too many unknown viruses and potential germs on earth which do not have much information for scientists for prevention. With the changes in the environment and climate, the unknown and under-discovered virus would be released before the scientists are aware of it and may cause a negative impact on all living creatures including humans and animals.
For example
, research has indicated that with the ice-melting phenomenon in North point due to global warming, unexplored frozen viruses from the
few centuries might be released and cause unpredictable outcomes on human and animal's well-being.
In addition
, in modern societies, the elderly population keeps raising which means investing in health care for
group of citizens is vitally important. Hospitals and elderly health care centres have been fully occupied as they are usually suffering from a variety of diseases. Resources and investment are essential to them.
, to prevent comprehensively, research and experiments usually need more samples and reference collected from existing patients so as to test and invent the most effective medicine for future use.
, overall, prevention and cure are actually complemented to each other. There is no doubt that to better handle and fight
Change preposition
show examples
viruses and illness, humans should not only pay attention to how to avoid and plan ahead but how to handle it well afterwards. In conclusion, both of the pre and post actions could not be omitted and should be invested equally.
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