Global warming is one of the most serious issues that the world is facing today. What are the causes of global warming and what measures can governments and individuals take to tackle the issue?

Earth's environment is already changing as scientists predicted, global warming has become one of the major threats to our planet.
essay will analyse the reasons why global warming is occurring and possible solutions to tackle the alarming problem. Predominantly two factors affecting
environmental change on
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are emissions of CO2 and deforestation. CO2 is majorly responsible for the warming effect on the earth's surface, thereby contributing to the "greenhouse" effect. CO2 concentrations are increasing mainly
due to
the burning of coal, natural gas, and oil for transportation and energy. Australians,
for example
, are the biggest contributors to
pollution compared to the rest of the world. Electricity generation in Australia is the main cause of carbon pollution as it mainly comes from burning gas and coal.
, another cause of
pollution is deforestation and tree-cleaning. Forrest and bushlands work as sinks for carbon, but when these are cleared for farming, urban, and infrastructure development that stored carbon gets released back into the atmosphere contributing to global warming.
, there are potential ways to solve these problems, or at least reduce the effects.
, governments need to reduce our dependence on these fossil fuels,
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and help
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reduce the electricity production from oil and gas by promoting alternative clean renewable energy sources
as solar and wind.
, individuals can play
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in planting more trees through afforestation and reforestation. People can buy
fuel economy
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cars, take public transport or carpool to work. They can switch to renewable energy companies from companies that use fossil fuels.
To conclude
global warming is an alarming problem, it can still be reduced or controlled by joint steps from the government and individuals. If we are to save our planet, it is important that it is treated as a top priority for all concerned.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • global issue
  • severity
  • urgency
  • greenhouse effect
  • human-induced
  • deforestation
  • fossil fuel combustion
  • industrial pollution
  • environmental regulations
  • emission standards
  • renewable energy sources
  • green technologies
  • international cooperation
  • Paris Agreement
  • climate change
  • energy consumption
  • public transportation
  • recycling
  • eco-friendly
  • extreme weather conditions
  • biodiversity
  • economic stability
  • collective responsibility
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