Prison is the best punishment for criminals Do you what agree or disagree ?

modern world due to the population explosion crime has become challenging for the police authorities and Judicial magistrates to identify the criminals in order to maintain balance in the society,
convicted folks are sent out to jail for their mistakes. I completely agree with the statement because there should be some corporal punishment required to reduce the crime rate. In
essay, I will elaborate on a few reasons with relevant examples.
and foremost, Increasing illegal activities like theft, drug trafficking and murders are not good for the government
for the public,
the police are investigating harder in all ways to send offenders to the detention centres.
In addition
to that, the Judicial court is giving them chance to change their attitude and violation.
For example
, In some countries there are open-air prisons have been introduced in order to not feel them they are in Jail,
there are encouraged to their higher studies and learn new skills.
As a result
, while completing their sentence they will lead a disciplined life with their family.
On the other hand
, In detention ,centres offenders are facing several tortures from authorities because there is no cooperation with officials. some think they can do more offence in prison to become a notorious thief to change their attitude some cops are using violence against them
has been affected both mentally and physically.
For Instance
, In India as per the National Crime Records Bureau, there are 21 lock-up deaths that happened during the year 2020-2021. To summarize, lawmakers should strengthen the law and create more awareness among the public about the punishments, policies and regulations
will make them think before committing any mistakes. I personally believed that there should be no chance given to offenders to think about any illegal activities.
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