Some students work while studying. This often results in lacking time for education and constantly feeling under pressure. What do you think are the causes of this? What solutions can you suggest?

contemporary era, study along with port time jobs has become a common trend among pupils.
trend is often responsible for the scarcity of time in order to study and
creates constant pressure on the candidate. In
disquisition, I would shed some light on some of the potential reasons behind
phenomenon along with some solutions to alleviate
To begin
with, the underlying reasons associated with
issue are twofold. Primarily, it becomes a rampant task for educatees to carry their living expenses as well as tuition fees. To elucidate
, some pupils carry not only their own expenses but
their families as well, which imposes more pressure on their study and living style. Apart from
, the family condition of a student can be another reason.
for instance
, if a student's family is unable to pay for his education,he would have to Carry his own spending without having any other alternatives.
, it is clear why a certain portion of students carry forward their studies and Jobs simultaneously. Are there any solutions to combat
problem? Certainly, there are. The
and most prominent one is that it is the government's responsibility so that students can focus on their careers without any obstacles. To decipher
, governments should subsidize a certain portion of the budget for learning. which might
be effective for countries' development as well. An article published in -'The Times'- concluded that education is the backbone of a nation and plays the most crucial role in developing a country's condition.
, it can be Conjectured that these solutions may help in suppressing the effect of
phenomenon. To conclude, in spite of having the fact that education along with Jobs might be harmful to educatees, governments Can play a significant role in order to curb
, Governments should subsidize so that more students can focus on their careers rather than expenses or work.
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