In many countries, smoking is now illegal in public places. Many people believe that such a ban is justified. Do you agree or disagree?

Smoking has been banned in public areas in most countries globally and it is believed by the majority that
is a fair ban. I completely agree with
idea as smoking is hazardous to health and
in public places motivate the new generation to adopt
dangerous habit.
To begin
with, smoking adversely affects the lungs of not only
the non-
who are accompanied by smoking people.
For example
, when people smoke in shopping malls or restaurants, they generate poisonous smoke through the combustion of nicotine and other dangerous chemicals in their cigarettes.
smoke destroys and deteriorates the lungs of both active and passive
can even lead to lung cancer in the cases of excessive smoking for years.
, smoking must be legally halted in public places.
In addition
, the youth can get inspired by
and can develop
bad habit when they see them smoking in public areas. As the youngsters, especially the adolescent, are too young to differentiate between right and wrong. They often try smoking out of curiosity or consider it a trendy or fashionable act of
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modern civilization. As a consequence, they soon become addicted to nicotine. Since the young generation is the future of a nation, it is the responsibility of the government to prohibit smoking in public and renders it illegal by law and legislation. In conclusion, cigarette smoking should be prohibited in the open spaces where the general public is allowed because it has many adverse repercussions on the respiratory health and the well being of people.
, it encourages the juveniles to follow in the footsteps of
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