People today sleep less and less. What are causes of this? Do you think this is a positive development?

There have been ongoing debates regarding whether or not many
nowadays are experiencing a consistent lack of sleep.
essay will elaborate on the causes of
sleep behaviour and the reason why I disagree that it has a positive impact on human health.
To begin
with, there are various factors that contribute to an inadequate amount of rest.
, overworking is responsible for stress, which has allowed individuals to be at risk of having severe sleep problems including less quality of sleep. Take Elon Musk
for instance
; he spends an average
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of 4

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-5 hours of sleep due to working long hours.
, another reason is that the lifestyle of person has changed, and need to use electric devices.
As a result
, the brain is disturbed before sleeping time, which leads to problems with falling asleep. With regard to my point of view, I personally believe that
who sleep less than regular sleep would have detrimental effects on their health problems. To explain simply,
is because many who don’t get enough sleep increase their risk of cancers, obesity and even car accidents. Studies carried out by Oxford University,
for example
, revealed that 80% of those who have adequate sleep are able to live long lives. From
perspective, it is evident that if they continued these negative actions, they might face serious well-being issues that increased the level of uncertainty in their life expectancy. In conclusion,
it is undeniable that
have shortened sleep
as a result
of overwork and lifestyle, I am of the opinion that
should exert control over their bedtime as much as they can in order to health and longevity.
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