nowadays, many people cannot read or write. What problems does this cause? What measures can governments take to solve these problems?

Education is a vital thing for every individual. Each person should know the basics of reading and writing at a minimum. The analysis contained in the following paragraphs will explore the critical situations that human beings will
if they lack reading and writing abilities, followed by the measures, the
can take to solve the
's problems.
, the major issue that an individual can
is the financial situation. When a bank account holder doesn't know how to read and write, he or she may not able to deposit or withdraw the money from the bank.
For example
, if an illiterate
Correct subject-verb agreement

It seems that the verb do does not agree with the subject. Consider changing the verb form.

show examples
know to read the instructions, he or she may not able to withdraw the money from an ATM machine. In a similar fashion, he or she may not able to fill out the deposit form to deposit the money in the bank.
, illiterates can undergo troubles during
Add an article
the transportation

The noun phrase transportation seems to be missing a determiner before it. Consider adding an article.

show examples
. Often,
travel from many places and they may
issues during those times.
For instance
, they may not able to read the cab numbers or may not be able to book a taxi to travel. On seeing the above arguments, the
should voluntarily take some measures to resolve some of the
's trouble.
's representatives should make sure, even if
cannot read or write, they should set up an audio arrangement
that whenever a specific
vehicle approaches, an announcement has to be made so that they can understand. Apart from that,
officials should hire employees, who can help illiterates in filling the forms and completing the reservation process for travel.
For instance
, the
can establish an office in each area, so that illiterates can reach the office in case they want any help. To sum up, there may be a lot of troubles that an individual has to
if they lack reading and writing abilities.
should come in, to help the
situations by establishing camps and hiring a few employees.
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  • Conclusion

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