Some people believe that success in sports depends on physical ability, while others believe that there are more important factors associated with success in sports. Discuss both points of view and give your opinion

The question of factors that contribute to success in sports has sparked debate.
some people argue that physical
is the most important factor, others believe that other measurements interact with each other to gain achievement in sports. In
essay, both these points of view will be discussed and explained through the following paragraphs with more details, and
represent a personal statement.
To begin
with, a knowledgeable coach is the main factor for those who consider that physical
is of paramount importance reason to achieve success. It means that they have the specific knowledge to recognize athletes' strengths and weaknesses, so they can hone their skills to achieve their goals.
, another factor could be that not only coaches can tailor effective exercise plans to boost their physical
but they can
enhance their body potential with an appropriate diet which leads to
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show examples
in athletes' lives.
On the other hand
, from other opinions who emphasize other factors can contribute to being a professional athlete the most effective reason is that successful sports players have sacrificed the majority of their lifetime of training to be successful person in their adulthood.
, they have immersed themselves in a fixed training plan,
it can be demanding for them it promotes their physical abilities enormously.
, they have tolerated
challenging period for their achievement. In conclusion, the debate over factors that contribute to success has a collaboration with other aspects like coaching, early training, and hard work.
is really important to being a successful person, it cannot be gained if individuals do not effort hardly because they must dedicate a lifetime to their goals.
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introduction conclusion present
Ensure that the introduction briefly outlines the points you will discuss, making your stance clear. The conclusion should summarize these points and reiterate your opinion.
logical structure
Create a clear logical structure by using paragraphs to separate different ideas and ensure there's a logical flow between these ideas. Using linking words can help achieve this.
supported main points
Develop your main points with specific examples. Rather than making general statements, use specific instances or data to illustrate your points and make your argument more convincing.
complete response
Ensure you address the task fully by discussing both points of view presented in the prompt and then clearly stating your own opinion. Let your opinion be evident throughout the essay.
clear comprehensive ideas
Express your ideas clearly and comprehensively. Each paragraph should have a clear main idea and be developed with explanations or examples. Aim for clarity in expression to make your argument more persuasive.
relevant specific examples
Integrate relevant and specific examples to support your statements better. These examples should directly relate to the point being made and effectively illustrate why it is important or true.

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