In some countries, children are becoming overweight and unhealthy. What are the causes and explain the possible solutions?

Every human being must be healthy to do any task in life.
are gaining weight and losing healthy bodies in many countries. The issue needs to be addressed. In the upcoming article, we will examine the causes and viable solutions to
an impediment.
To begin
with, Growing
's weight can be attributed to a sedentary lifestyle. Particularly, there is an increasing trend of using smartphones as well as social networking apps and other technological assets. In today's modern age, infants are used to
kind of technology, and they are less interested in outdoor
like running, cricket, and football,
as a result
, teens are becoming increasingly unhealthy
as a result
of health issues
as obesity. An example is a survey conducted in Punjab Province that revealed that 60
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per cent

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of the teenagers there are unhealthy and that obesity is the main cause.
, adolescents' lifestyle is the cause of their ill-health.
, exercise can provide the best solution to health problems. Specifically, every child and young person should include running and fitness in their daily routine.
, schools should encourage
to participate in
For instance
, Delhi Public School has a relevant subject to make
compulsory, which is required for all students. Putting
a system into practice can make
, parents should
encourage adolescents to engage in physical activities so that they become fit as a fiddle.
, working out is the best pragmatic solution for ill health.
, after discussing the cause and its solution, the best way is to raise awareness of
's in
and exercise to address obesity and other physical problems, ensuring a bright future for the country's youth.
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