Many people argue that zoos where creatures are contained in artificial enclosures should be banned in this century. Do you agree or desagree

Most people should have been to a safari park at least once in their lifetime. An artificial place where humans put all kinds of animals into it. Even though some people are excited about seeing animals they can't normally see but some felt sorry for these poor things trapped inside the cages. Even if I feel bad for them, I still want the zoo to live on because having it will be more helpful to the creatures than we think.
, the safari park is likely to benefit wild lives. It will help the creatures indirectly.
For example
, the zoo may inspire children to learn more about the creatures and after they grow up, they could take jobs related to living beings and possibly could save more lives by themselves. They may even spread to future generations how great the critter is.
will create not only great awareness of other lives but
raise an affection for nature which will help the ecosystem.
On the other hand
, the menagerie businesses are absolutely restricting their free will. Many said
is torment and must be stopped because of how menagerie manages their businesses. Most of them only think of profit while doing business
as forcing animals to make a show to entertain guests.
, some zoos are lacking staff to look over all of the living beings In conclusion, the menagerie should not be banned for long-term benefits but should
be regulated to make sure that all living beings live their life peacefully. The benefits of having the safari park outweigh the banning substantially.
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