It is important for people to take risks, both in their professional lives and their personal lives Do you think that the advantages of taking risks outweigh the advantages ?

is a journey with an uncertain future. There may be a difficult step to make a decision which some
many people select a safe zone without risky directions,it is worth enough to take
to make a progress in both career and personal aspects.
To begin
with, exposure to new opportunities may be one of the benefits of taking
means that pursuing a new
goal may develop some useful skills .It may be time to do unfamiliar things without previous lessons. Despite the failure outcome,ones should gain essential skills
as problem–solving, adaptation,and professional management.
,expected successful results may be deserved for
should make the pride in brave persons that dare to step out of their comfort areas.
, a risky decision may be worth enough to make in a difficult time.
, The chance of losing something to gain the advances in
should be considered.It is undeniable that
may bring about unexpected outcomes in both working and private
things may reduce self-esteem,motivation and hope.
should be equally weighted with the wishes before taking a side. It should be fifty-fifty per cent of the achievement,
of loss should be taken into account.
For example
,if office workers want to be rich quickly,they will quit their position and run their own businesses. Unfortunately,their company may encounter the threatened challenges.
As a result
,it should be analyzed cautiously before stepping out of the safe position. In conclusion,it can be reiterated that
may involve both positive and negative issues.The advantageous aspects of
may have benefits over the drawbacks.
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