Many manufactured food and drink products contain high levels of sugar, which causes many health problems. Sugary products should be made more expensive to encourage people to consume less sugar. Do you agree or disagree

It is no news that the cause of many health challenges is the consumption of manufactured edible products that are very rich in sugar. Quite a number of individuals believe that the solution to
is to increase the price of sugary products. In my own opinion, I believe
is a very good approach. A large percentage of readymade edibles contain a large number of sweeteners.
is because the sweeteners are intended to preserve these foods and increase their shelf life. While a lot of people are becoming obese, nowadays, due to the consumption of sugar-containing foods and
as a result
are exposed to diseases
as diabetes and hypertension. It is disheartening that producers are making huge profits and feeling fulfilled. To illustrates, in Mali, seventy-five perfect of her population is suffering from one type of diabetes or the other and
was linked to the high patronage of fast-food restaurants by her citizens. If the cost of purchasing
additive is increased, it will discourage individuals from consuming sweets in excess and
improve people's well-being.
In addition
, if the sales of sweets to local consumers drop, there would be excesses and these can be sold to manufacturing industries in the production of fuel. The fuel generated from
process is known to be efficient and environment-friendly. There is less pollution through the burning of fossil fuels and
will be a quantum leap in the aspect of global warming for the population at large.
, these industries will make more profits through conserving fuel and will in turn boost the gross domestic product of the country, thereby increasing the amount spent on basic amenities, especially for hospitals. In conclusion, I strongly recommend that the price of sugar should be increased so that individuals will consume it less, and
will eventually improve the health of the community at large. I will implore the government to constantly monitor and regulate the price of sugars in order to yield a good result.
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