In many parts of the world, children are given more freedom than in the past. Is this a positive or negative development?

Some countries are giving more independence to the youngsters in recent times compared to the past. I guess
is a negative development because of two rock-solid reasons.
of all, more
for a child means he/she is not inclined to discipline.
As a result
, it is very much possible that a kid is playing during the time of studying. In
way, it is possible that they will not be good at sports as well as studying.
, it can be ended up with poor career prospects. If they could do so, they would definitely suffer in the long run in their career growth.
, excessive independence leads to poor academics which is harmful to a child.
, extreme
sometimes helps to develop aggressive behaviour among children. It is often found that a youngster without boundaries easily develops disrespectful behaviour,
as disobedience, and many more.
In addition
to these, limitless
more often than not let a kid become violent in their later life.
That is
to say, they can easily be involved with a crime,
for example
, money laundering or even murders in their mature periods of life.
, an excessive amount of independence develops aggressive manners among children which are harmful to them. In conclusion, it must be said that
without a limit can make an amateur indisciplined which is worse for their career and it
creates unexpected behaviour among him/her that turn them to be violent in their later life. So, I reckon it is a negative development.
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