Many wild birds and animals live in towns and cities. Some people think that the wildlife should be protected. Some think that they should be removed. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

While many types of wild species inhabit urban societies, some individuals believe that it is necessary to preserve them.
, others believe that they can be harmful to both residents and livestock. In my opinion, generally wild faunae in different locations of nature should be protected, whereas it should be pointed out that urban life is not suitable for them.
To begin
with, while some human beings expect that governments should preserve wild
that are living in cities, they spontaneously support and protect them by themselves.
As a result
, they assume that
have equal rights as humans.
For instance
, nowadays the number of savage dogs in Iran is dramatically increasing due to local support.
, while some shelters have been recently prepared in large areas in Tehran, they have collected local signs for impressing the government to stop killing them.
On the other hand
, others claim that wild creatures should be eliminated from capitals and rural places.
As a result
, they assert that they can hurt other local creatures
as livestock or cattle and ruin their habitats.
, they probably put the individuals' lives,
in particular
children, in danger. Referring to the example of savage dogs in Iran, the defenders of
issue insist that while the wild dogs' population remarkably is growing, they will spread dangerous diseases that are transmissible between humans and
, societies would encounter vigorous problems. To conclude, while wild
should be protected and some individuals presume that idea should be supported in cities and rural areas, others believe that fierce creatures can destroy urban societies and make the cities unsafe. In my opinion, capitals and rural eras are not good places for wildlife at all, though the natural environments are the best habitat for them.
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