Governments should spend money on railways rather than roads. To what extent do you agree or this agree with this statement?

Undoubtedly it is true fact that in the cutting-edge era lawmaker should spend funds on railways rather than seaports. I disagree with
notion to be larger extent .
essay will discuss my opinion in
paragraphs . To commence with , in the modern epoch the condition of the harbour is worse
. To explicate , Roads are the better way of running transport rather than the track . So authorities should spend remuneration too much on wharves.
For instance
, daily thousands of vehicles run on the harbour than comparison of the track . All the families have their own personal vehicles.
for developing the technology no. Of transports increasing
, all individuals want a safe and comfortable seaport so lawmaker makes should spend their income on seaports. It helps to save time masses and they get to their destination on the timing . Shifting towards remaining essential reasons for spending money on railways . The primary reason is railway is the common source of transport ,
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it is cheap in chips . It is affordable for all folks without facing any economic hurdles. For illustration , some individuals are not afforded their personal transport service because they lead a very miserable life. They have no extra sources of income .
For instance
, in the present climate population increasing rapidly
. So it produces a hurdle among the masses regarding transportation ways .
, lawmaker makes should spend remuneration online rather than wharf . To sum up , both the sources are ways of transportation . But in the modern ,epoch individuals mostly want to drive in personal movement so it must be essential for authorities to spend funds on seaport rather than track
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