Some people think individuals are more and more dependent on each other. Others believe we are more and more independent. Discuss both views and give your own opinion

Nowadays, there are different opinions about whether
are more independent or not.
article will discuss these two perspectives. On the one hand, it is true that today's
live a more self-reliant lifestyle than ever before. the main reason for
trend is because of the development of technologies, especially the Internet, which provides easy access to various knowledge and skills.
, help from teachers and senior workers is no longer necessary for both students and junior staff, and most
are able to achieve their assignments on their own.
, a growing number of
are addicted to online activities,
as playing video games and watching TV programmes. they prefer interaction with computers rather than communication with others. Obviously,
trend causes a great gap between family members and friends.
On the other hand
, it is
true that nowadays
became more dependent on each other on a global scale and from the aspect of industrial production.
, with the development of globalization, our world has become a global village.
As a result
, cooperation among countries becomes common and necessary.
For example
, for the sake of reducing cost and providing higher quality commodities, many international companies take the advantage of advanced technology to design and research their products in developed countries
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and produce and manufacture goods in developing areas because of the lower cost of raw materials and labours.
, because of the standardization and industrialization of production in modern societies, each individual only plays a small part in the whole working process. In another word, every job or achievement needs the contribution of a huge group of
from various fields. In conclusion, on a smaller scale,
as in families, workplaces and schools,
become more independent than ever.
, on a larger scale,
as throughout the whole world and the whole society,
get closer relationships with each other.
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