you have recently moved to a different house. write to your English speaking friend -explain why you have moved -describe the new house -invite your friend to come and visit

Dear Anna, the reason that I am writing to you is that I have moved to a new house in Negombo recently. In my ,opinion
is a very nice place with a quiet neighbourhood.
is because my previous residence was quite far from the main road and took a very long time to reach the town,
apartment is very convenient for daily travelling. The new house is very spacious and it has four bedrooms and three bathrooms on each floor with a kitchen area and living room area on the ground floor. My favourite area is the rooftop that opens to the nearby lagoon. Please come and visit me
Christmas. I am sure we can have a good time and maybe even organise a BBQ on the rooftop. I am very excited to see you. Please call me if you have any problem finding the directions. Bye! see you soon.
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