The internet will never replace traditional course books in schools. How far do you agree with this prediction?

Nowadays, online knowledge benefits users
that is
popular and convenient for everyone. But it does not mean that the traditional syllabus does not be used by students or others. I completely agree that academic study materials are always necessary for school despite the many advantages of the
, the technology will be a tool for users to search for information that they need by finding functions to complete lacked cognition.
means that there are unlimited educational sources on the network, which provides us with a channel to learn the skills or the programmes on
without taking much more time for studying.
, it can not be denied that the
plays an important role in education, which is a bridge supporting the student in group studying.
For example
, students find information and experiences from others sharing it, which helps them supplement the lack of knowledge taught in schools.
On the other hand
, teacher-based curriculums are always necessary for students. Traditionally, course books have been developed by pedagogical experts and designed to be incorporated into a subject syllabus.
, physical books look like material not only motivates learners through synthesised knowledge but
helps learners easy to understand it.
As a result
, teacher-led lessons are optimal even though the development of the
. In conclusion, it appears that course books, with their quality and depth of material, are set to remain an integral part of the syllabus. The
can be judged a useful supplement to
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if used carefully and under supervision.
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