Some people think that space exploration is a waste of resources while others think that it is essential for mankind to continue to explore the universe in which we live.discuss both views and give your opinion.

Space study and experiences have become controversial topics these days. Many people advocate that exploring the planet is not essential;
, others believe it is vital for humans’ survival.
essay will discuss both opinions and explain why the advantages of search outweigh the disadvantages according to my opinion. On the one hand, some people think spending money and resources on the territory is wasteful, and is not beneficial for mankind. They think the government should allocate a budget for education and health care rather than area-related activities.
In addition
, these experiments put astronomers’ life in danger and exposed them to various health hazards.
For example
, being exposed to a zero-gravity atmosphere for a long time has negative effects on our bodies.
, these are negligible obstacles that can be ignored.
On the other hand
, many believe there are numerous advantages for humanity of doing space analysis, which lead us to solutions to many problems and give us access to unlimited resources and knowledge. If we could communicate with aliens from space, we would be able to find other planets appropriate for humans to live on.
, by finding other species in the galaxy, we could use their information and knowledge to improve terms of medication and treatment.
For instance
, we can find a way that causes longevity and reduce the mortality rate. In conclusion, it is believed that there are some merits and demerits of slot research.
essay discussed a great deal of money spent on experiments and the consequences of travelling to spot on astronomers’ bodies as adverse effects while explaining the improvement in medical services and accessibility to a wide range of information as positive impacts of
phenomenon. In my view, The advantages of exploring the zone are more beneficial for our survival,
there are minor drawbacks.
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