baying things on the internet ,such as books,air tickets and groceries is becoming more and more popular.Do the advantages of shopping in this way outweigh the disadvantages.

Nowadays buying some things trought online is the most popular among the crowd and most of them are books,air tickets and grocery items. In my opinion, the advantages of shopping in
way outweigh the disadvantages.The following paragraph highlights my opinion with relevant examples. Naturally,Purchasing on the internet has more benefits and a lot of young people prefer it.
, that saves our time.These days people are busy with their work and they haven't enough time to go shopping.So a large portion of communities prefers to purchase items online than shopping.It definitely saves our time and dates.
, it saves our money too.We don't wanna waste money on travelling.It gets good consequences for our life.
,we can verify the wide range and varieties of products and compare the features of those.It directly affects consumption and we can choose the right decision .
For example
, according to the recent research conducted by the university of Colombo ,they discovered that three-quarters of the global population like to use the internet for buying usual things
as flight tickets HomeGoods and stationaries.So the government should execute developing programs to enhance digital marketing.
On the other hand
,buying items by using
has some disadvantages because a lot of crimes
as Hackers are tread by the people that use web purchasing.
, that's as never high as best satisfaction and maybe it is not suitable for you as you wish.
For instance
,recent research conducted by officer James Morison.He shows that a quarter-half of web customers are not satisfied as they wish and restrict online purchasing. In conclusion,I believe buying some things on the use web has some pros and cons,but the pros outweigh the cons and
it was the trend after the year 2020 .I think it will be a common trend in the future.
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I wore a warm coat because the weather was cold.

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