More and more developing countries are expanding their tourist industries. Why is this? Is it a positive or a negative development?

Since the large population of tourists attraction places is expanding at a very high rate because of the earning source Whereas it can have some detrimental effects on the public despite I consider it is a positive trend. Several reasons lie behind the growth of tourist industries.
and Foremost, it is earning source for businessmen as more and more people prefer to stay at large hotels, having a meal at five-star restaurants
of doing
activities at home pushes to charge high according to the customer's requirements. Apart from
, It is the best source for several companies to make a peaceful place for their meetings, Families to organize the parties
as birthdays, engagements, and so on.
, only
tourists from abroad would come and explore the particular parts of the country if recreational areas like restaurants, motels, and other leisure places would have been constructed.
trend has some unavoidable side effects due to its high demand.
, corruption is spreading all around the world
travel industries charges a high rate to their customers, especially internationals resulting in their humiliation.
happens because of language barriers in spite it has been solved by smart devices. Other than that, If people would only prioritize to go to leisure activities which can be seen mostly among youngsters could result in the degradation of the value of the home environment. To conclude, Everything comes along with merits and demerits same happened with the tourism industry even though it has really positive impacts and unstoppable facts because of its high demand in the market still equality which does not happen with international tourists should be considered. All in all, I am on the side of the positive side due to its several benefits.
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