Governments suits pain money on railways whether than roads. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement?

Over the past few years, governments have significantly invested their budget in railways in comparison with
. I believe that
investment can be different from each country's perspective and I disagree with
To begin
with, there are many arguments in favour of developing railways which may have benefits for
. It is clear, authorities are willing to improve
high-speed transportation system in order to reduce travelling time. As
development can increase
's satisfaction, there are many reasons that show the government's budget should be invested in
transportation system. India,
for example
, should be considered a country where
requirement should be fulfilled.
, due to developing technology, many countries have paid a lot of money to improve their railway system.
decision can have some benefits for
which cannot be denied. Reaching
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a destination by using a high-speed train can be an appropriate option for passengers.
On the other hand
, there are many reasons that show the importance of
in citizen's life cannot be denied.
, there is a numerous population travelling by road to reach their destinations.
who spend over two hours in a day,
for instance
, can be mentioned in a group of
who require a well-design and well-constructed road to be satisfied. Another reason is many accidents which have occurred during these years should be considered as a crucial reason to improve
condition. Obviously, over a hundred individuals are killed in road accidents just on the Tehran-Qom highway.
As a result
, in terms of social, investing money in
should be considered a vital requirement which should be paid attention to by decision-makers. In conclusion, from my point of view, improving all infrastructures should be assumed to
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be a

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significant country' need, while in some aspects governments can make a short-term and long-term plan to select their priority and
invest in different aspects of infrastructure.
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