Some people think that drug addicts should be treated like criminals and sent to jail, while others believe that they should be treated like patients and sent hospital. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Nowadays, several youngsters are moving toward addiction to drugs, which now become a problem for all countries. Our society gets divided when it comes to treating these individuals. While some favouring to punish them with harsh rules and regulations, and want them to be sent for imprisonment.
On the other hand
, other believe that they should be given a chance to be a better person by treating them as a patient.
essay will discuss both views and will provide its opinion. On the one hand, some parts of society tend to treat drug-addicted adults as criminals and prefer to send them to jail.
, most of the illegal things like gambling, extortion, kidnapping, robbery, etc. in society are done by these adults under the drug influence.
is done to gather funds to buy narcotic items. To illustrate, in India, 60 per cent of these criminal activities are carried out with the intention to purchase alcohol or narcotic items.
, in order to stop these activities, they should be treated as criminals and sent to jail.
On the other hand
, some advocate to treat these adults like unhealthy people and want them to be treated in rehabilitation centres. According to them, poverty or lack of education might be the cause, due to which they took the path of drugs and they can be pulled out of it by giving proper attention, and care and should be kept under observation of doctors.
For example
, with most of the youth being under influence of drugs, the Punjab Government has established a team of doctors through which they purposefully took those addicted youngsters and treat them in their hospitals, resulting which, the rate of crime and drug addiction declining tremendously.
, punishing with harsh rules and regulations is always not the best remedy,
, it is better to guide them on a good path. In the conclusion, even though, these drug-infused persons are the primary reason for crime, punishing them would not be the best solution.
, in my opinion, they should be treated well and must be kept under the observation of doctors and should be given an opportunity to take themselves out of
a wrong world.
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