Cycling is less and less common in cities in developing countries. Why is this the case? What are the best ways to encourage urban people to ride bicycles more?

believe that bicycles are a healthy and environmentally friendly means of transport.
, it is becoming uncommon in the urban areas of developing nations. The reasons for
vary and the problem should be tackled
in particular
ways. There are several reasons why a lot of
don’t want to use bicycles to commute.
, there is no denying that
’s quality of life has been remarkably improved so they can afford to buy other types of vehicles
as motorbikes and cars to move conveniently. With their hectic schedules, riding a bicycle will cost them so much time and effort, especially when they travel in bad weather or a long distance.
, streets in developing countries still don’t have lanes for cyclists only.
As a result
, they will feel unsafe and bored when joining traffic on the road.
, individuals have a sedentary lifestyle these days. After working or studying all day, they tend to be lethargic so they don’t want to take up a physical hobby like riding a bicycle. In consequence, we should adopt solutions to address
problem. The
measure is that the government should enforce the law about increasing the petrol price or levy a heavy tax on owning a motorbike or a car because these vehicles contribute to air pollution.
In addition
, bicycle lanes should be constructed for cyclists so that they can ride a bike more effortlessly and safely on the street.
can get up early in the morning and cycle several hundred meters as a healthy form of exercise.
will help
to maintain their flexibility and breathe fresh air without feeling exhausted. In conclusion, it is clear that there are a host of reasons behind
phenomenon, and steps need to be taken to settle
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