A friend of yours recently gave you a nice birthday present. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter, – thank her for the present and say why you particularly like it – describe some other presents that you received – explain some of the things you did on your birthday.

Dear Roger, I hope
letter finds you well. I'm so surprised and happy to receive a gift from you that would be impossible to sleep until express my gratitude. Since I've begun a course in
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the IT
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area I'm suffering from a lack of knowledge of some topics, so that, the book you've sent to me is saving my life. By the way, another friend has bought a book about Java programming.
the content of it is interesting, I don't have plans to read it soon because of my crowded schedule, so if you have interesting in reading it, I can send it to you. Another thing that happened on my birthday is that my parents gave me a party, which had 10 hours of duration or more. You should see the neighbour's face since we play some music. I hope that
year you came to my house and thanks for the gift again. Best wishes. Franklin
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