Advanced technology has brought many beneficial changes to the world. However, some old people today struggle with the use of technologies such as mobile phones and the Internet. How can the elderly benefit from using advanced technologies? How can the elderly be encouraged to use consumer electronics more often?

advances made in the field of technology have revolutionized many aspects of people’s lives in a positive way, these developments have not been beneficial to all age demographics since most of the elderly still struggle to keep pace with them.
there are certain benefits from state-of-the-art technologies that old people can gain, the government and businesses can play a major role in encouraging them to utilize consumer electronics on a more regular basis. During old age, entertainment is one of the most prominent advantages.
For example
, it is observed in Vietnam that the elderly staying alone at home usually play online chess and watch comedy videos on Youtube during their leisure time, which effectively helps them to unwind and keep them in a positive mood.
In addition
, when using advanced technological gadgets
as smartphones and laptops, the elderly’s lives can become more convenient. A good example of
is that it was not until the Covid-19 pandemic that more and more old people at home started using smartphones,
being able to shop and order food online
remaining at home.
Due to
old individuals’ incompetence to manipulate the latest technologies, the government and businesses must take action to increase the frequency of using consumer electronics among them. Regarding the former, programmes aiming at providing information on the usage of technological devices can be launched.
, the authority should hold some meetings in which the elderly can have opportunities to be guided and to experience using modern technologies. With regard to the latter, they should shift the focus of marketing campaigns to older subjects. ASUS,
for instance
, has promoted their latest laptops by inviting old people to join in their advertisements, which increases customers in the old age brackets to purchase their products. In conclusion, the retired can benefit from the fact that contemporary technological devices can provide apps for entertainment and convenience. Meanwhile, a number of programmes conducted by the government and old-people-focused marketing campaigns can effectively prompt these individuals to make use of electronics.
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