Planting trees is very important for the environment. Some people says trees should be planted in vacant areas of cities and towns, while other says housing facilities should be build instead? Do you agree or disagree?

It is irrefutably true that
are a vital part of the environment. There are many individuals who believe that authorities should plant more
some individuals think that empty areas of the community should be utilised for residency purposes. I partially agree with the latter idea as there are many pros and cons of building a new development.
To begin
play an essential role in cleaning out the environment. There are many factors that cause pollution.
For example
, gases released from factories and emissions from vehicles and many others. All these gases are consumed by the nature.
it is important to plant more
present a major role in flood control.
For instance
, from a report published by Khan in 2000, there were about 75% fewer floods in areas having more
than the vacant areas.
are the home to many birds. Cutting off the forest would make those birds and animals leave their houses.
On the other hand
, utilising the land for building purposes is beneficial for the country and its residents. More people will have their own place to live. But at the same time, the environment will get more polluted at a very high rate.
For example
, a report was published in 2005 which showed that the rate of pollution increased drastically when
were cut off to build a new development. In conclusion, the government should take action to build new development but at the same
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should be planted to maintain a healthy balance in nature.
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