Some feel that individuals should try to assimilate completely to the country where they live while others feel it is more important to preserve their native culture. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Some individuals argue that those ought to embrace the tradition of the country where they are living.Whilst,others feel that it is crucial to protect their own
.I would argue that assimilation of any nation's beliefs is vitally important
as well
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they should keep alive their native
. On the one hand,it is undeniable that in order to adapt new country and its citizens each immigrant should follow their traditional
as attending festivals and celebrating their holidays.
is because you show respect to their valuable religion and history,by doing
those living abroad may facilitate their adaptation process.
For example
,millions of tourists visit Turkey each year.Some of them are interested in joining in local
in order to celebrate their holidays together and
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the way to get to know new people even a few tourists got married to Turkish men or women.
That is
why the best way
for being
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to be
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able to mix with local people is to embrace their traditions.
On the other hand
,everyone must protect their values like cuisine,holidays and so on for the next generation.Traditional
indicate the history and dignity of the nation,
,those who are living immigrant lives should preserve their national habits,by doing
they will have a chance to know where they come from and where they are related
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.It is the sense of belonging
it is much more important than assimilating another
For instance
,when the Chechens were exiled to Siberia,they lost their relatives but they found each other only with the help of their historical
,so they united again and came back to their homeland.
To conclude
,it is commonly believed that showing respect and following the country's tradition that you are living is a must,
,it does not mean that
idea is stronger than protecting national
because of what has been discussed above.
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