You were advised by your doctor that you need to do more physical exercises. Write a letter to your friend asking him to join you. Why you want to do physical exercise. What type of physical exercises you are planning to do? Why do you want your friend to join you?

Dear John, How are you doing? I hope
letter finds you in good health and spirits. I am writing
letter to inform you that I will do some physical activities if you have enough time, please join me. Here I would like to share my problem with you.
, I want to tell you that I have faced obesity difficulty because of a hectic schedule.
, I can't eat daily meals at the proper time
due to
which I am suffering from some health issues. That's why my doctor recommends I do some physical workouts on the daily basis. Speaking of
, I am aware of numerous types of exercises. So, I have planned to do outdoor activities
as running, walking, stretching, and yoga.
Apart from
, I
play some outdoor games like football, badminton
as well as
basketball. These workouts will help me to reduce my weight and stay as fit as a fiddle. All in all, I would recommend you to please join my company. With the assistance of
use can spend some leisure time together which eventually would help us to healthy in the future. Please write soon. Warm wishes, Eva.
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