Some people believe that schools should teach foreign languages to primary school children. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

Many people think that learning a
that isn't your native tongue should be a part of elementary school.From my perspective, the positive aspects of
trend prevail over its negative ones. The following paragraphs would shed light on my viewpoint. Admittedly, opponents of
tendency have pointed out several rational drawbacks.
the current formal curriculum has been inherently putting considerable pressure on pupils. Normally,
are required to study at least 10 subjects to complete the official program, and the inclusion of extra
classes would exacerbate their stress. Even worse, learners who cannot handle the pressure might resort to committing extreme actions
as suicide.
not every student is adept at
In particular
, numerous students find it difficult to acquire vocabulary because of their goldfish brains. In actuality, a lot of pupils abandon their pursuit of learning Chinese
due to
its written characters being a major obstacle.
, the above arguments are insufficient to overshadow the benefits of the topic in question. The most pertinent point is that second languages offer students ready access to international resources. Specifically, various contemporary scientific and artistic publications are written in English,
publishers in Vietnam have not fully satisfied the demand for translated books.
with proficient
skills could accumulate knowledge from those materials without the need for any assistance. Another justification point is that proficiency in at least one foreign
with a competitive advantage in the labour market upon graduation. To elaborate, in today’s global economy, almost all employers tend to look for candidates who are able to communicate in multiple languages.
, possessing multilingual communication skills can enhance the attractiveness of graduates to potential employers and support them in their career advancements.
To conclude
, it is indisputable that the inclusion of foreign languages in the formal educational curriculum generates some difficulties and is unsuitable for
who are weak at bearing pressure and lack memory aptitude. Even so, they are like two sides of the same coin, early second
instruction still has remarkable positive impacts on the long-term development of pupils’ knowledge and future prospects.
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