You are preparing an outdoors event. Write a letter to your friend to ask for help with the arrangements. In your letter include: what the event is why the event will happen how your friend can help you

Dear Jane, I hope you and the family are well. When we
spoke, I mentioned that a ‘Medieval Festival’ had been proposed. The idea behind it is to give people an idea of what medieval life would have been like. Well, the proposal passed and now we are planning the
, so I’m hoping that you’ll be able to help us, given that you studied medieval history. Several ideas have been put forward. Frank is planning on showing us some blacksmith’s skills. Dave wants to have an archery range. Martha is going to try to put a band together to play some medieval music, possibly with some dancing. I know that you are very interested in stained glass windows and have organised demonstrations of stained glass window making in the past. Would you like to do that at our
? Several people have asked me to get in touch with you about it, so I’m sure it would be popular. A few other people have
asked whether you could check the authenticity of their costumes for the
. I forgot to mention that the
will be on the
weekend of August – the weekend I told you it would probably be held on. I hope you are still free that weekend. Hope to hear from you soon! Love, Christine
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The Closing

The style of the letter determine how you have to close it.

Check out the suggested closing sentences for each type of letter in the General IELTS Test. The closing sentence should be the last sentence of your letter.

Formal style (To someone you have not met, whose name you don’t know)

  • Yours faithfully,

Semi-formal (To someone you may or may not have met, whose last name you know)

  • Yours sincerely,

Informal (To someone you know well, whose first name you know and use)

  • Best regards,
  • Warm wishes,

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