In the future, it may be scientifically possible for people to live for 150 years. This could be good for individuals but it may have negative concequences for society. What are the benefits and risks of people living till 150?

As the human race keeps evolving, it might theoretically be possible for us to live as long as 150 years and even more.
living longer can bring great individual prospects
as more time with your loved ones and to achieve success, it could
pose problems like rapid population growth for society.
essay will discuss the aforementioned benefits and risks involved with
a phenomenon.
is a gift of nature and the majority of the populace would love to evade death for as long as possible.
, it means
get to spend more quality time with their family and friends, which, I believe, is what
is all about.
, many
live a gloomy, regrettable
owing to a variety of factors including poverty, wrong influence and depressing childhood. These
would essentially get a second chance at
to turn things around and achieve happiness. I know a person in my neighbourhood who wasted half of his
in drugs and he would not blink twice if given the choice to survive till 150. As
, these advantages seem fantastic from any person's perspective.
, a longer
might have detrimental effects on our society as a whole. Even today, Population is a progressively growing issue and a longer lifespan would certainly make matters much worse. The mortality rate would decrease significantly, causing a massive increase in the number of
which can lead to potential problems ranging from homelessness to scarcity of resources of food, water, and energy. India is already facing similar troubles
due to
high population density even when thousands migrate to other nations every year. For these reasons, the human race as a whole might suffer if given
a long
. As individuals, we would love to live forever. To summarize the consequences,
it would provide greater time to spend with family and to reach your goals, it can
lead to colossal failures in society.
, as always, humans will surely find an effective solution to balance out these effects.
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  • The disadvantage of this...
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