Some people believe that dangerous criminals should spend their rest of their lives in prison, while others think that everyone deserves a second chance and that these offenders should be reintegrated into society. What is your opinion?

Much debate has arisen as to whether dangerous criminals deserve a second chance or not. Certainly, every individual is responsible for their immoral actions. But do they deserve to spend the rest of their lives as prisoners?
essay will examine both sides of the debate and I will conclude with my own personal opinion.
To begin
with, a number of people believe that vicious criminals belong somewhere far from society so they would not be able to harm anyone.
In addition
, It is understandable for citizens to believe that. Indeed, there are numerous kinds of research showing the rate of misdeeds.To demonstrate, studies show that more than 80% of offenders released from prison are bound to commit serious crimes within the same year.
For example
, parents and women are especially worried and conscious of lawbreakers
as killers, paedophiles, sex offenders, and so on.
, the other opinion stated that each and every human being are prone to make mistakes and are deserving of second chances.
reason, they considered that even criminals should be given an opportunity to become a better person as well.
, Another key point is that crimes are more complex than we think. It should be noted that not all of them are maniacs but misguided or tricked. Specifically, there is a famous case of brothers who murdered their parents.
, individuals are terrified and agree that the brothers should be executed.
On the other hand
, when people heard their reason, the majority of the media changed their opinion about the brothers. Provided that the siblings were victims from the beginning. They were sexually assaulted by their caregivers from a very young age,
leading them to the breaking point.
To sum up
, the siblings were given a life sentence and still remain in jail. To summarize, my view is that despite the small number of wronged victims who were put in jail unjustly,it is undeniable that the majority of mobs committing felonies over and over again cannot be overlooked. In fact, the issues in
discussion can be handled alternatively.
, It should be a given common sense since no one should ever be physically harmed by anyone. Nowadays, mankind is less afraid of the laws given that they would be released multiple times after what they've done.
it is clear that
the idea of second chances for
lawbreakers cannot be supported.
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