You saw an advert in the newspaper asking for volunteers to help run a charity event Write a letter of application to the organizers. In your letter: 1.Explain why you are interested in helping 2.Give details on suitable past experience 3.Suggest ways you might help with the event

Dear Sir or Madam, I'm writing
letter to express my interest in being a part of the upcoming charity event. I am interested in participating in the event because I have a strong desire to help people who are in need.
, through volunteering, I believe that I can perform an active role in society.
In addition
, I have been looking for a place to dedicate myself to a voluntary program to strengthen my resume for employment. Please allow me to provide you with some details of my previous experience. I have been a part of several events in the past that aim to raise funds or visit elderlies and assess their needs.
year a fundraising campaign was held and fortunately, I had the chance to participate. We were able to help 20 families who are in need of shelter and food. Please kindly consider my application as I believe I can be a vital role throughout the occasion. I will be able to join on a daily basis since my working hours are flexible.
, I can arrange for the resources required for it and am able to provide my own car to carry out necessary tasks during volunteering. Thank you for your time and looking forward to engaging in the charity occasion. Yours faithfully, Ella Khin
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