Write about the following topic. Buying things online on the internet such as boo, air tickets and groceries is s becoming more and more popular. Do the advantages of this way outweigh the disadvantages.

Online shopping has become increasingly common in recent years all around the globe. Even though
development has some benefits, I believe that the drawbacks are enormous. On the one hand, buying online helps an individual to save time. Unlike before when travellers had to go on long journeys just to get their flight booked, today at the convenience of an individual's home he or she is able to purchase a flight ticket without any difficulty.
has helped raise the number of passengers travelling on a single flight. A survey by Kenya Airways revealed a seventy per cent increase in annual passenger rate compared to 2009 when tickets were sold in person.
, purchasing items
as books and groceries online helps save moments and money. One is just a few moments away from getting their groceries at their doorstep just by visiting the website of the market in mind and tapping on preferred goods. In
,regard an individual can invest the time they would have used to go shopping in person to do something else.
On the other hand
, despite the advantages that come with internet shopping people are defrauded every day in hope the of buying online.
For instance
, in July 2023 the National Security Council in Ghana released a communique discouraging people from shopping on unapproved or unlicensed online supermarket websites in the country
due to
the rise in fraudulent activities from fake websites. Sometimes the buyer never gets to receive their items no matter how long they may wait. Again, an individual may end up with low-quality products after spending huge sums of money on them. There have been several reports on the internet over below
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expected items
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the public
end up with
as a result
of buying online. Food items may be expired and clothes may not be designed as auctioned.
development would not have occurred if the shopping had been done in person. In summary, internet marketing is on the rise in recent times which helps people save time and it's very convenient. Despite
, I believe that the fraudulent activities going on and the low-quality products sold are problems that need to be well addressed.
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