Modern shopping malls are highly convenient for people however small markets are still popular among consumers discuss both these views and give your opinion

The convenience of shopping malls is more efficient, yet small markets are still prominent to customers. The essay will clearly discuss the two views, I strongly agree with both views.
To begin
with, malls are convenient because products which are local and international can be seen inside. It is noticeable, people can shop different things which are branded like Nike, Adidas, and some signature clothes: Uniqlo, American Eagle, H&M etc.,
, there are parts of the mall where humans can relax
waiting for their loved ones who shop. Youths enjoy the different branded toys and gadgets that can be found inside. There are big establishments that have
different attractions like five-star restaurants, where folk can enjoy some luxurious food and different cuisines mainly Korean food and pastries.
, small markets are still popular because some things can be found here that are not included in the mall.
For example
, local candies, fresh meat and vegetables and some cheap toys for children. Citizens, often visit here because of its cheap prices. Nowadays, society is more practical when it comes to buying food they tend to go where they can acquire discounts.
, we can
see here a different crowd who do difficult laborious work which I personally am inspired to work harder and persevere in life.
, small markets are still popular up until
generation because of their practicality.
To conclude
, both views are logically correct. it just depends on a person's personality and social status where he/she prefers to go and shop for things.
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