In many countries it is now illeagal to advertise alchohol. Do you agree or disagree?

Advertising wine, beer and other are now illegal in many nations. I totally agree with
statement because nations are facing huge cases of fights and vandalism
due to
, and more teenagers are now consuming
after watching these commercials. Cases of fights and vandalism are increasing in many countries
due to
In other words
, alcoholic people do numerous fights over the streets,
, they
vandalised public properties.
put a huge strain on police services as they have to deploy numerous officers to control alcoholics.
For example
, Russia has banned the advertisement of wine, beer and other items because it is becoming difficult for them to control these people,
as a result
, the cases of
incidents had reduced drastically. These adverts result in high consumption of these drinks among adolescents.
That is
to say, these companies attract customers by showing the luxurious lifestyle of a person consuming
in their TV and print
Fix the agreement mistake
show examples
, which results in attracting more young people to these drinks.
, it can impact our future generation, as there would be more individuals addicted to
For instance
, Johny Walker shows hot models and luxury cars in their adverts,
as a result
, teenagers get attracted to them and start consuming
. In conclusion, adverts related to beer, wine and others are banned in many nations because it results in a rise in violence and vandalism, and teenagers get addicted to these alcoholic products.
, our future generation will be full of
addicts if these commercials will not be banned.
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