In the future, people may have to live on other planets. Some think that is therefore important to spend money researching other planets such as Mars. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, it is a hot discussion that the population of Earth would be shifted to other
. Some experts opine that it is vital to spend some amount on research work for
, some consider it a wastage of resources. As far as I am concerned, I based on later thought. I shall propagate my point of view in
regard in the paragraphs to come.
, for the
some decades a lot of countries have been trying to identify life on different
without success. They sent their satellites to find the elements required to live
, on Mars, there are some hints of water’s existence yet still no evidence for other requirements like rocks or soil to cultivate.
, there is still a lot of available space on the Earth which could be focused on shifting the population.
For example
, in the Australian continent, most of the areas are empty and are to be used for disbursement of populated areas.
, spending heavy finances to explore life’s existence on different
is a total waste, especially when residents of developing countries could not afford basic amenities like food. To elaborate, 80% of the world’s population is living below the line of poverty.
For example
, in India many families are destitute, and their kids sleep with empty stomachs even though they are wasting budgets on satellites.
money should spend to improve their living standards rather than finding a place on the other
. To summarize,
some experts feel that life on other
is possible, and the Government must allocate a good amount for researchers, it’s not proven yet, and a lot of money is wasted.
, authorities should pay attention to developing countries to improve their living standards rather than on satellites.
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