Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school. Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

One policy of the mayoral candidate in my hometown is to increase the number of bilingual primary schools. Some voting public thinks the policy will benefit the next generation because foreign language proficiency is a bridge to the world.
, some parents
Wrong verb form
are concerned
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it can place a heavy burden on their kids. I would say the advantages of learning foreign tounges earlier override the disadvantages as I think
are powerful learning tools throughout children's school life.
To begin
with, learning foreign
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pupils to access more information
studying at school. In some countries,
as Taiwan, open courses on the Internet are not prevalent. If talented students want to learn advanced math theories from online tutorials, it is almost impossible for them to find one.
, there are a bunch of great teaching videos taught in English on YouTube. Students who have learned English earlier are able to get the information they need easily.
, some parents complain about learning foreign
putting too much stress on children. I think these parents might have deemed learning a difficult task based on their previous experience. Actually, learning foreign tounges can be quite exhilarating and cheering.
For example
, I learned Japanese through humorous comic books and pop songs when I was little, and I never resisted entering the classroom.
In other words
, if the process of learning creates unhappiness for the kids, it is the teaching styles or materials that need to be changed, not the learning subject itself. In conclusion, even though some elderly might worry about putting too much pressure on the students, I believe it can be adjusted in time to fit every learner's needs. A bilingual skill assists pupils in learning significantly because their domain knowledge can be broadened through online tutorials.
, I believe it is a wise investment
on learning
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to learn
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at an early age.
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  • The disadvantage of this...
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