Some people think that visiting museums is the best way for children to learn history, while many others think there are several better ways. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience

In modern times,the issue of roaming museums is the best way for toddlers to study
many critics say there are numerous better ways.I will be explaining both notions before putting my pen down and thinking. Generally speaking,there are two main reasons why people believe that youngsters should go to the place where things are collected and accumulated about stories and the good old days.perhaps the main reason why people are in favour of
idea is that a museum visit is a good way to
Verb problem
show examples
about ancient cultures and increase
.A good illustration of
is an infant who wants to see physically ancient collections which are displayed in the museum
as leader statues,weapons and animal bones which passed out of sight.A
point is in favour of travelling exhibition galleries where adolescents can feel realistic with gaining
.if they don't want to restrict their
about historical collections,
they should come. Despite these arguments,there is a case for the idea that can help to enlighten the study of
.the main reason why people think that
is a good idea is that it is easy to access all the information about ancient cultures and
with one click through the internet.
As a result
,they can see the pictures of the actual collection that they want to know.
reading books and watching documentaries are
the major source of learning from the old days.
is because children who don't want to travel that much
for learning
Change preposition
to learn
show examples
would like to stay at home and making them educated in
. In conclusion,it is vital to show them a range of paths when it comes to gaining
,I believe in my humble opinion,they need to encounter various methods of learning rather than one
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