It will be better for society and individuals if driverless cars are widely used. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

With the advancement of modern technology, driverless automobiles have become a reality. Some believe that our community and
be benefited
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show examples
if they are widely used,
others think the contrary. I completely agree with the first statement and I will be discussing the reasons behind my choice in the following paragraphs.
To begin
with, automated
decrease the commuting duration and offer the driver a much more comfortable experience. As they do not need to manually control the vehicle, they can spend their time on other activities
as reading their favourite comic book or even sleeping without having to worry about going to work late because these
are equipped with up-to-date engines.
, the number of traffic jams and road accidents will be dramatically reduced
as a result
of minimal human intervention.
For example
, drivers who are not sober or unable to drive properly can negate their drawbacks by simply letting the vehicle travel on its own. Apart from benefiting individuals, auto-pilot
contribute to solving the problem concerning pollution using their modern features.
For instance
, Tesla
, which are famous for their ability to drive themselves, are powered by electricity
of petrol, which can lessen emissions.
's health conditions will be improved since they are no longer exposed to the contaminated atmosphere. Most importantly, more
using driverless
can help our society shift to a more developed version of itself. In conclusion, self-driving vehicles hold numerous advantages for both the public and
, governments should encourage the use of them as they make our lives more convenient and healthy.
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Great job presenting your ideas in a clear and organized manner. Your introduction effectively presents your position, and each paragraph supports your viewpoint with relevant examples and explanations. Make sure to continue developing your ideas with sufficient reasoning and transitions to create a stronger overall coherence.
task achievement
Your essay effectively addresses the prompt and provides a comprehensive response. You clearly state your agreement with the statement and support your position with specific examples and explanations. Ensure that you consistently maintain a clear focus on the prompt and continue to provide well-developed arguments to support your position.
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