There have been major advances in technology over recent decades and this has led to significant improvements in people's lives. To what extent do you agree or disagre?

It is often thought that the
of humankind has improved significantly over recent years,
as a result
of a great advancement in
. In
essay, we discuss
view, and I completely agree with it. At the outset, huge progress has been achieved recently in most of the fields of our
, because a tremendous change has occurred in
, if communication tools are checked these days, we will find out that they become much easier compared to, 1990.
For example
, in 1990 the landline only was a tool of connection between individuals, but nowadays cellphones are widely used everywhere all over the world, as; they are cheaper and easier than the old models of phones, and they can be used in an emergency situation even if the people present in the desert.
, regarding transportation, in 1990, all cars
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moved by petrol only, but recently most automobiles use electricity as a source of energy, which is less expensive than petrol, and it does not cause environmental pollution.
In addition
to that, if any field of our
is examined carefully, we will discover that the cause of progress and change in that field is because of modern
For instance
, in medicine, DNA
has played a crucial role in the treatment of many serious diseases.
, education
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has become
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so easy compared to the past years, when anybody can join any international university and study online. Regarding industry, some workers can do their duties from home, which was impossible in the past.
, scientists can travel rapidly and safely to March and the moon, because they design modern aircraft with advanced
. In conclusion, even though
has been used for a long time, the amazing progression in
field exerts positive sequences in the various fields of people’s lives,
as education, communication and connection, and medicine. So, I believe that technological advance has an important impact on our
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