Too much attention is paid to and too much money is spent on keeping pets, while people throughout the world are starving. Discuss the arguments for and against keeping pets. To what extent do you agree?

Nowadays, a large group of people used to keep pets and have created a level of companionship with these creatures.
trend has led to
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creation of an industry with lots of financial turnover globally.
On the other hand
, many, including myself, find these costs unnecessary and even suggest investing and focusing on more important issues like the eradication of poverty and hunger in underdevelopment countries. In
essay, I will discuss both ideas and show my agreement with the latter approach.
To begin
with, there are many concerns over the amount of attention and money spent on pets.
, it is necessary to admit that the rising level of keeping animals in some countries during the
decades, has led to a significant decrease in their population growth.
, there are lots of consequences ranging from job vacancies to psychological disorders.
For example
, many Western nations like Germany, with more attitudes towards keeping animals now are facing an old population which has no replacement in the next generations.
there are many places in the world in which the level of malnutrition and other critical problems are increasing, many public and government funds in wealthier states are spent on animal care services. Many proclaim that money flow should divert to more critical situations like the eradication of poverty and starvation in underdevelopment nations.
On the contrary
, it is undeniable that we are living in a digital and complicated world. There are more physical isolations within the communities than were ever before.
As a result
, many individuals have found animal companionship as a solution to fulfil
growing social distance.
For example
, with many
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living in large apartments, there are more attitudes toward buying small dogs and cats and
spending money on them in many developed countries. In conclusion, despite some reasonable excuses for keeping and spending on pets, in my point of view, there are more important priorities like global starvation which have to be funded and attract more attention compared with the former approach.
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Task Response: Your essay provides a clear response to the task, presenting arguments for and against keeping pets and stating your agreement with the idea of focusing on more important issues like global starvation. Ensure you fully develop the ideas within your body paragraphs to strengthen your response.
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Coherence and Cohesion: Your essay demonstrates a generally logical structure with a clear introduction and conclusion. Work on connecting your ideas more effectively within and between paragraphs. You can achieve this by using cohesive devices such as linking words and pronouns to improve the flow and coherence of your essay.
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