Some think the current generation should take steps to protect the environment for the next generation. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In recent years, there has been a common belief among individuals claiming ,that people at present should take action to preserve our planet for future generations. I personally support
statement, as now it is our responsibility to protect the environment, and in the forthcoming ,paragraphs I shall explicate my view with some justifications. Doubtless, If we want a bright future for our children, the detrimental effects caused by the irresponsibility of humans should be taken into consideration. The myriad of vehicles with combustion engines, huge coal, and gas plants,
together with
factors manufacturing plastic should be replaced with more environmentally friendly alternatives. These factors have the largest impact on temperature increases and air contamination around the world, the consequences of which are natural calamities
as floods and droughts, resulting in a boom in various infectious diseases and malnutrition.
, natural disasters, the seriousness of which can not be overlooked, establish the negative effects caused by humans as a core problem , and they should be addressed now.
, it is the obligation of the elders to be the shield for the younger ones. The abundance of assets presented by the ecosystem for the current population should continue for the next one as well because they
have the right to witness the beauty rather than
Verb problem
show examples
their ancestors' decisions.
, even a tiny routine thing like using plastic bags would be better if substituted, as it requires 300 years for decomposition. In conclusion, I believe that we are obligated to suffer the results of our irresponsibility and should do our best to maintain the planet for the future. That's why, steps towards protecting the environment should be taken now, so people can have a longer life expectancy and no food scarcity problems.
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lexical resource
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Review the variety of sentence structures, including complex and compound sentences. Pay attention to subject-verb agreement and appropriate use of tenses.
Topic Vocabulary:
  • sustainable practices
  • moral responsibility
  • environmental conservation
  • climate change
  • renewable resources
  • biodiversity
  • eco-friendly solutions
  • carbon footprint
  • green technologies
  • sustainability
  • natural resources
  • ecosystems
  • global warming
  • conservation efforts
  • environmental sustainability
  • recycling and upcycling
  • non-renewable resources
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