The parents of your Australian firend Chris have invited you to a surprise birthday party for for him/her write a letter to Chris's parents. In your letter Say why you think Chris will enjoy the surprise party Explain why you won't be able to attend the party Give the of a paln to see Chris at a different time

Dear Mr and Mrs Davis, Thank you for sending the invitation to Chris's 18th birthday party. Regrettably, I may not be able to attend that. Unfortunately, I have already planned on a vacation to Cancun right the day before October 24th, which is Chris's lovely birthday. I booked a flight which will be on the evening of October 23rd, 9:20 pm. It is so sad that I cannot make it to come and miss the opportunity to share
memorable moment with your whole family.
, I heard that Mary will be available on that day. She will help me take my best wishes and a small gift to Chirs!
, I am planning to come back to Toronto on October 30th. If you have time, we may find a place and celebrate the beautiful moment again! I know a place in which the environment is really fancy, located on Queen Street near our homes! We must go and try the food there. I hope Chris will have a wonderful birthday party with all his best friends there. Look forward to hearing from you soon! Love love love, Nancy
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