Some people believe that one of the best ways to solve environmental problem is to increase the cost of fuel for cars and other vehicles. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

There is no doubt that these days pollution rate has increased recently. Some people argue that the best option to shrink environmental
by increase the cost of fossil energy used for transportation . I totally disagree with
statement for an array of reasons . In
essay, I will discuss the reasons and provide a number of suggestions to solve
phenomenon. First of all, increasing the price of fuel has a minimal impact on protecting our environment from pollution and climate change and will have a significant rebound negative impact on an individual level and on microenterprises .
will cause financial strain on those less fortunate.
wealthy and
large scale
Add a hyphen
show examples
business owners will be likely unaffected. For these reasons, there will be an increasing poverty level for those affected and that could possibly lead to other
like a rise in stealing and crime rates.
, there are more effective ways to protect our environment rather than increasing the expense of fossil fuels .
as increasing the use of renewable sources and encouraging the use of recyclable materials.By doing
things, society can benefit more as recyclable is a more practical way of saving money.
, making use of renewable sources
as solar , wind ,and water energy.
will help reduce the amount of fossil fuel circulating in the atmosphere .
To sum up
, repricing crude is not an optimal way to solve environmental
will hurt the poor and benefit the rich , which could create tension,worse lead to other social
as a rise in crime rates,
there are different renewable sources that should be considered that are environmentally friendly
as water energy and etc .
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  • also
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  • therefore
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